About us

The people behind JCW Platform

The JCW Platform is designed and built for a digital world for JCI Chapters and National Organizations. The team behind the JCW Platform have been JCI members for many years and we understand JCI from a local level to world. 

A team of professional, creative, skilled problem solvers.

We combine the talents of web development (the techie stuff), UX and UI Design (the beautiful stuff) and content creation (the expressive stuff).

We give you the enterprise solution you want and the platform you need to build a JCI Website. With our combined experience and problem solving abilities, you can be confident that our knowledge and intuition will never let you down.

The JCW Platform has been built for JCI members by JCI members, with many in our team as past or present JCI members. 

Why Us?

We've been where you are now.

Every person in our core team has had their own startup or community group; we’ve questioned our sanity, second guessed our dreams, built things and broke things. But thanks to this, we’ve learned a lot and it’s this experience that allows us to cut out the grey areas and keep you on the direct route to realising your goals in the form of the JCW Platform.

We took the The JCI Active Citizen Framework and applied it to the JCW Platform in how we can help Members, Local Chapters and National Organizations to be better online.

Custom Development

The JCW Platform is ready to go but sometimes there are things we do not have that you need.
This is where we can assist you in tailoring further the platform to your needs with custom development services from Gaido Limited.

Custom Design

Website Design Services & template creation.


Improve your Search Engine Rankings and positions.


Our UI/UX experts will improve everything.

New Modules

Build out new modules and features that you need.


Visual Impact with attention to detail branding guidelines

Social Media

Guiding you through the stages & enhancing Social Media